Tuesday, July 1, 2008

25dbs BABY!

Today we had Christian's 4th mapping at Hopkins and we were SO thrilled when he had consistent repeatable responses at 25db-ACROSS ALL FREQUENCIES. Check out the Speech Banana so you can get an idea of where he is hearing now. Even though his aids amplified him up to 45db, he never had access to sounds higher than 750hz. With his implant, Christian now has access to almost all of the SPEECH SOUNDS. This technology truly is a miracle.

His map was adjusted and turned up a bit more, and we have 4 new programs to try. Christian is constantly amazing us with how fabulous he is doing with his implant, and we can't wait to see what these new programs can do for him. We haven't started our official aural rehabilitation through Hopkins yet due to some scheduling conflicts there on their time (although we are going to speak with a SLP tomorrow about getting things scheduled), but we have been working around the clock with Christian on his listening and speaking skills. My Event Planning skills are definitely getting rusty, but I am sure that I can give some of the SLPs a run for their money these days! It seems like everyday he has a new word or sound. His new favorite words are Ketchup and Hot Dog. Such a boy.


Laurie said...

This is great news! I'm so happy for you! Christian is getting a great start, thanks to you and your husband! He is lucky to have you for his parents!

Aural rehabilitation will help him so much! The earlier you help a child, the less help and assistance he/she will need later in life.

Can't wait to "hear" Christian say more words!

Val said...

wow, impressive. you what this means right...mom and dad have to watch what they say! oh, I can't wait til he repeats something naughty. By the way, that's only cute the first few times. haha

leahlefler said...

Wow- 25dBs!!! Its amazing to think that he couldn't hear plurals before ("s") and so many other sounds of speech, and now he gets them ALL. Amazing!

Thanks for the comment saying my little guys are cute (I often think so, but I'm totally biased). After today, though, I think I have a 2 year old for sale- going cheap! (g)

Brianna's Mommy said...

Yeah! I am so happy for you. Christian and Brianna are rolling along quite well. I am so happy for you and your family! If Christian is like my Brianna, he is asking tons of questions and responding to things you say that you didn't know he could hear! I am just getting comfortable with talking to Brianna in a normal tone. Yeah! Congrats!

Ben's Mom said...

Congratulations - that is great news! Such amazing results - keep up the good work!

Abbie said...

He is doing fantastic!!