Monday, June 30, 2008

Sometimes when you're crabby, all you need is crabs.

After the drama that ensued last week, I was so glad to get out of town and head down to our family's house on The Chesapeake Bay. With everything going on, we haven't been down there at all this summer. The moment we stepped on the crunchy grass, and heard the water splashing on the pier, I was relaxed. And I realized that this weekend was one HECK of a language opportunity for Christian!

It dawned on me that this weekend was probably the first time that Christian heard waves crashing on the shore, the boats and jet-skis zooming across the water, and kerplunking of the crab-pots back into the water. We talked about EVERYTHING this weekend with him, pointing to all these new and wonderful sounds that he was experiencing. A sea-plane flew overhead, and he looked straight up, signed plane, and went "Aaaaaaaaa". It was awesome. We showed him crabs that we caught (I must admit, for a non-native, I'm actually a pretty good crabber!) splashing in the tin bucket before we cooked them.

Despite some sketchy sleeping while we were there, I know he had a good time exploring and listening, and we had a good time escaping the city and having some family time.

*Christian showing off the fish he helped Daddy reel in*


jenn said...

Tina, Christian is like a little MAN now! I can't take it. He's growing up too fast!! So glad you guys were able to get AWAY and relax. What a fun time for all of you! :) Love you!

tammy said...

Our AVT told us that one of the first sounds kids say with CIs is the airplane sound ... it's one of the sounds that Aiden responds to the most. Love how Christian pointed up and said his "aaaaaaah"! He's so adorable!

Abbie said...

Oh, I love that daddy and son picture with the whole fishing pole. It is a timeless pic!