Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm a Mom, and a Mechanic

Today was just another typical nutty Friday in our household. Chuck actually worked from home today so I could go to the dentist appointment that I rescheduled 6 times (I'm not kidding). All 3 of us met for lunch, with my bottom lip still numb. By the way, don't try to apply lip gloss on a numb lip. It was a bit of a challenge.

On the way home, Christian's controller on his CI kept flashing H3. Usually this means that his magnet has fallen off, and it is corrected by just placing it back on his head. I tried several times repositioning the magnet, turning the controller on and off, and even took the batteries out. We still got the error message, and then at one point, I couldn't even get the thing to turn on. I took out our rechargeable battery and tried my spare batteries I keep in the diaper bag. Still nothing.


This was the first mechanical problem we've had to deal with since Christian's activation day and I was a bit nervous. What if it was broken? Did I do something wrong? Although we have our extra processor, I thought for sure this thing was fried. I took a couple of deep breaths, and then remembered a bunch of posts on CiCircle from a parent who dealt with the same thing a couple weeks ago. Ends up, all of the fabulous Moms and Dads on the list serv had a plethora of suggestions on how to deal with the problem, including replacing the Babyworn cable (we get several in our box of goodies from Cochlear).

Sure enough, as soon as I replaced the cable, we were back in business. Phew. I've had a bit of anxiety about replacing cables, etc. and I'm glad that this little fix was easy.

Here's some pictures that my Dad forwarded from our vacation in Michigan...look at how loved my little boy is!


leahlefler said...

Kudos on becoming a minor mechanical engineer! I'm terrible with that sort of thing. Christian looks like he loved his trip on the Carousel!

Cynthia said...

Hi - Christian is beautiful. I'm glad you had such a nice visit to Michigan. I'm looking forward to mine - in August - for my youngest brother's wedding at the Detroit Athletic Club.

Drew's Mom said...

Who is that BIG boy? It seems like he grew overnight!

Li-Li's Mom said...

Gorgeous photos!

We had the very same problem: our culprit was the baby worn cable, too! And ours did fry both processors within a few weeks before we figured it out -- I haven't been keeping up with my CICircle digests!

Both processors were replaced quickly, of course, but we decided to eliminate the babyworn cable from the mix and the wee one has been happily sporting her BTE like a big girl: she must have very powerful cartilage in those little ears. Nice work solving the problem!

Jax said...

Love the pics!!

NaNa and PaPa said...

Hey sweet girl, You and your little guy are loved more then you can EVER Imagine