Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's the little things that make a BIG difference

Taking your toddler for a haircut, regardless if they have a hearing loss or not, is definitely an "event". In addition to the typical toddler behavior, we also have to deal with Christian not being able to hear us during a hair cut. The whole equipment issue makes a semi-stressful event a bit more chaotic. We're lucky to have several options in our area for kid cuts, and we decided today we would try a new place out that was recommended by several of my girlfriends.

First of all, they have an assortment of vehicles that the little ones can sit in. Of course, Christian picked the firetruck. As he played in the firetruck, the sweet stylist and I chatted. The first thing she brought up was his CI and hearing aid. I was so impressed. She was familiar with the equipment, and mentioned how she thought the implants were "amazing". I was so excited that I didn't even have to explain what that "thing" was on my kids head. She gave him a great cut, and was careful around the aid and the CI. I seriously wanted to give her a hug afterward for treating our family so nicely, and being so attentive to my sweet little guy.

Over the past 2 years, I've learned that in order to make our life work the way it needs to, that adjustments need to be made. Things as simple as what park to go to (avoid those plastic slides), or what type of winter coat to get my kid (we try to stay away from fleece) become "events". I've learned how to make adjustments, and am thankful when I can easily fit them into my kid's life without overwhelming him, or the rest of the family!


mbishopp said...

This is so weird of me to post on your blog, but someone posted on my blog, who follows your blog. The title of your post is my fmaily blog title...the little things. so here I am reading your entry.
My son is going to be activated this friday at Hopkins on his first birthday. he too was born with a prfound hearing loss because his inner ear was developed upside down. crazy what they find out in implant surgery.
what state are you from? we are right outside of D.C. in virginia.
ok, another weird thing. I swear i saw your husband at hopkins a couple months back. it could have been the beginning of november, anyway i asked him about the implant and if it has made a difference. (i'm sure you get that all of the time).
anyway, have a great week! hopefully you don't mind me peeking in on you blog from time to time to remind me of the things i get to look forward to with a child with an implant. :)

i tried to cut my oldest sons hair last week and it doesn't seem to matter how old they are and if they can hear or not, it can be a very stressful situation.

Anonymous said...

Haha--I think I "broke in" that stylist for you. I'm a mom of three kids in your area who all have CI's, and my twin daughters recently got their hair cut...and we had to go through a whole big thing with the I'm glad our first experience made YOUR first experience smoother! I have followed your blog but today I had to comment. Isn't that place great? My girls take classes there and the staff is sooooooooo accomodating to their aids/amplification needs. FYI!