Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mapping Update

We had an appointment up at Hopkins this morning---complete with an audiogram and some tweaking on Christian's map.

Other than being the typical 2 year old, the appointment went well. He does great with voice recognition in the booth, but I have to question the reliability right now of his responses. His audiogram today showed he was hearing at 25-20 across the board in his CI ear. I honestly believe he is hearing better than that, just given how he responds everyday. Also, in past testing, he's measured at 20 across all frequencies. Luckily, his school audi is also planning on doing some testing next week just to see how he does.

Christian's map was adjusted just slightly, and I understand now that his volume was increased just a bit more. We decided to keep the Whisper program, even though we really haven't seen a difference with him using that and his regular everyday program.

I really like our audiologist at Hopkins. I always feel like she manages to get an appropriate and accurate map on Christian. Judging from his progress (3-4 word sentences consistently now!), his past maps have been pretty good!

We also spoke with our audiologist about getting our little girl scheduled for an ABR. While we technically can't schedule it until she is born, we were assured we won't have as long of a wait time as we did with Christian.

We won't have to go back for another mapping appointment until May. And, we scheduled it on Christian's 1 year hearing birthday...

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