Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sweet Baby Girl

I wonder if she knows how sometimes her Mommy just needs a break from the IEP process, all the appointments, and the constant teaching? She always seems to smile, coo, and cuddle me just when I need it. Leading the life of the 2nd child, Lily is always in her carseat, going from appointment, to school, to class...all for her big brother. Her schedule is non-existent, yet she's still my happy girl.

Just wanted to share some pictures of my other pride and joy. While most of my life is consumed with Christian's therapy and teaching him to listen and speak, this little baby girl brings our whole family so much joy, exactly when we need it the most.


Lucas'Mommy said...

She's beautiful! I worry about when we decide to have another baby... whether I'll be able to handle it and give the baby what he or she will need. You do it so well!

tammy said...

She's so beautiful Christina! Love those eyes!

Laurie said...

She is gorgeous!