Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Two Years Ago Today

 April 21st marks our 2 year anniversary of Christian's Cochlear Implant surgery We don't celebrate our "surgery" anniversary, rather our activation day, which we proudly and excitedly call Christian's Hearing Birthday. We're a couple of weeks away from that VERY important day in our little man's life, but I couldn't help but just think back and remember that hard and stressful day.  I still remember the emotions of the day like it was yesterday. I remember feeling scared, nervous, full of anxiety, and completely helpless. Two years later, I spent the day reading to his preschool class, attending a panel sponsored by our county of of Deaf and Hard of Hearing teens, playing with my baby daughter, and drinking wine with my girlfriends in the evening. Two years later, he's hearing. He's speaking. And he's amazing.


tammy said...

Aiden's surgery day was probably one of THE most difficult days in this journey to get through. Once it was over and I saw my little man recovering just fine, it was like a huge rock was lifted off my chest. I can't believe it's been two years already for Christian. It seems like just yesterday I called you from Texas. I sure do miss you. Give Christian (and Lily) a huge hug for me. Love you all!

leah said...

Happy second hearing birthday, Christian!

Jennifer said...

I think the day of surgery is so hard on the parents and the kids just bounce right back! I love that you celebrate his hearing birthday. We do the same. We have cake each year. I cannot believe we are approaching Cormac's 3 year anniversary in June. I feel much like you. He can speak, he can hear and he is gonna be just fine. What we all want for our children :)