Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What We're Working on Tuesday: More on the /f/ sound

As the weeks go on, Christian is producing the /f/ sound in all positions more consistently. We're still working on limiting the substitution of /b/ for /f/ in some words, which is a bit challenging now that Christian will PURPOSEFULLY substitute it when he's being a bit *difficult* :)

I have a worksheet that our SLP gave to us to help. It  has the following groupings together, with pictures:

With the help of Skittles and M&Ms, Christian and I go through each of these groupings really noticing what each word sounds and feels like. We've found it helpful to separate the initial /f/ from the beginning of the word, so Christian will say f-------ull.  This isn't his favorite activity, but he's working on it. We DO know that this is not an auditory issue as he completely can discriminate the meaning of the words.


Anonymous said...

I'm just kinda curious, do you guys still sign with your son or have you dropped that all together? (I'm not asking to attack you or anything, i'm just simply curious.)

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

Hi Anonymous,
We do sign with Christian, but we are not a Total Communication family. We have encouraged Christian to explore sign language as a second language. Christian plays with his signs, enjoys learning new ones, but does not depend on using ASL for his primary source of communication. We have also introduced ASL to our hearing daughter, with the idea that one day it will be our family's second language.