Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mommy, Why Don't Some People Have a Cochlear Implant?

That was today's question on our way home from school. I knew one day it was coming, but I was hoping it would happen when I could actually look him in his eyes, rather than fighting traffic on Massachusetts Ave. How do you explain to a 3 year old that he was born deaf thanks to the Connexin 26 gene mutation? How do you tell him that he will always be deaf, that he will always need to wear his CI? I wasn't ready for that in depth of a conversation and to explain the Punnett Square of Gene Mutations. I'm sure that will come later.  So, here's my response in a nutshell, as I wiped the tears from my eyes:

"Oh, buddy, did you know that you make Daddy and I so proud? Well, God made you so special. When you were in my belly (Christian: I was IN YOUR BELLY? DID YOU EAT ME? EWWW!), no honey, when you were just a little baby, not even born yet (Christian: That was like when Lily was in your belly and when Tyler's Mommy had Baby Jake in her belly), yes, just like that. Ok, well when you were in my belly and before you were born, God decided to give you a very special gift. He decided that you were going to have your magic ears".

He was pretty quiet at this point, and just as I was getting ready to continue explaining about his special gift from God and how God just made him perfect, he tells me:

"God shined His light down on me with his magic wand. It was magic and then poof and then His light got really bright. There was thunder and lightening and it was loud. Mommy, do you want to go to the playground with Willis and Josie later?"

I just smiled and told him that I couldn't wait to play with him later this afternoon. My sweet angel boy, understanding in his own little way his special gift. It's been a while since I received one my love letters from God. I'm pretty thankful that He knew exactly what I needed to hear today.


Amie said...

your story brought tears to my eyes too.My girl has just turned 3 and she has already realised that she's different.I can feel that my turn to answer the question will come soon.

Jennifer said...

Hi. What a lovely blog!! I am writing to let you know that I've written a book about deafness. It is entitled If A Tree Falls: A Family's Quest to Hear and Be Heard. (Lots of info at I am trying to get the word out to parents of deaf children, with the hope that it will be of value to them. Many thanks,
Jennifer Rosner