Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What We're Working on Tuesday-New Maps and IEP Week

Reason #8,589,012 I love Christian's school: Onsite Mapping/Programming by our fantastic Cochlear Implant audiologist. HOORAY! Our audiologist also worked for Cochlear and was on the development team for the Nucleus 5. Expert much? LOVE IT.

Christian was mapped yesterday and while things didn't change too much, his high frequencies were upped a little bit. As most CI Mommas can attest, the day of/day after mappings are a bit touch and go. An adult user once told me that she feels like she was up pulling an all nighter after her mapping sessions. Christian definitely was a bit whiny and pooped out, but he is adjusting just fine to his new maps. He'll be tested on Wednesday so we can get a full report of where he's hearing.

Did I mention that this week is our IEP week with his school? And did I mention I'm not even worried about it because reason #8,589,013 why I love his school is because IEPs are collaborative and goal centered? I actually am LOOKING FORWARD to our meeting this Friday. I can't wait to set our goals for the rest of this school year and summer. 66

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leah said...

Christian's school is absolutely amazing! The fact that there is a CI audiologist on-hand is wonderful!!