Thursday, July 1, 2010


What an absolutely amazing year full of fun friends and wonderful teachers. As I was setting up the Frog Class party while the kids were down in the gym getting ready for the Community Meeting, I just stepped back and took it all in. In this beautiful classroom with so many things to explore and learn about, Christian's life changed. There in that classroom he learned how to master the /f/ sound. He also learned how to negotiate over toys with friends. He learned about the solar system. He played Spiderman everyday. He laughed, and sometimes cried. He read books, played pirates, planted gardens, and built towers. He told stories, was line leader, and also on garbage patrol. He played the trumpet, french horn, and even the banjo in that classroom. He danced and sang with his friends. Countless raisins and Goldfish were snacked on. 

I know I've bragged before about just how AWESOME his teachers were this year, but I have to say it again...THEY WERE AWESOME. We were beyond lucky to have such a committed, passionate, bright, energetic and FUN teachers for our little boy. On top of it all, they all were experts in educating a child with a Cochlear Implant. They advocated and cheered him on every step of the way and supported our family in our never-ending fights with insurance companies, as well as being fabulous liasions with our school system. I honestly am going to miss seeing them everyday. 

From Top to Bottom: Christian's in-class SLP, his in-class Educator, and his Audiologist. WHAT AN AMAZING TEAM!!!!!

I know that Christian had a blast this year with all his friends. He has developed into a silly, social, and energetic little boy who can't get enough of his friends. I hope he remembers his year as a Frog with just as much happiness as I do. I know  I will always remember his year as a Frog as the year that gave him his foundation and his confidence. 


leah said...

Happy graduation from the Frog class! The River school sounds absolutely amazing- it is just the perfect environment! Have a wonderful summer- I'm sure next year will bring amazing things, too!

tammy said...

awww ... I got teary eyed reading this. I remember it like it was just yesterday that Christian started his first days of school at River! It's the one thing we truly miss ... that and all our CI buddies! Yay Christian to another amazing year! You rock buddy!