Sunday, October 24, 2010

Overscheduled, underslept, and completely DONE


It has been a complete whirlwind of a couple of weeks. The fall is always busy with school starting back up, routines being worked out, Halloween festivities, and many family obligations. These past few weeks I have found myself as my Dad would say "Burning the Candle at Both Ends". As I look at my calendar, I have had one week night free of any obligation in the past month. Every single weekend I find our family juggling multiple obligations. I've piled all of this on top of our generally CRAZY day-to-day routine as we shuffle back and forth from school to home to my gym to play dates to errands and back again. And now, after weeks of this madness, I think I am officially DONE.

Only problem, is that this week is more of the same, especially with Halloween in just 6 days.

All of us have some sort of cough or runny nose. Lily has a bit of something that found me at the pediatrician's office yesterday morning before house guests came into town for the weekend. She's been up and down 3 or more times a night the past week. Totally weird, and totally not her. Ends up she has a little "girlie" infection and it's painful. Christian, who officially is a non-napper at school, passed out yesterday for 3 hours in hopes to catch up. Chuck, has his fall upper respiratory cough, and I'm running on fumes. Although, I did have enough fumes to help me get through a very, very, very late night last night with all of our friends. I'm paying for it today.

Flipping through the calendar, we have NO free weekends until January 15th, 2011. It's sick, and as much as we LOVE everything that we are scheduled to do, I'm finding myself worrying about how I am going to make it through. Working part-time, chairing our area's Walk4Hearing, volunteering extensively at Christian's school, being a good mother, wife, daughter, thoughtful friend, and neighbor is just completely wearing on me. I'm pretty sure I'm going to crack.

I feel so lame typing this, as I know I'm just lamenting every Mom's misery. We're all just DONE. We're all freaking out because report cards, the holidays, travel, and a myriad of meetings associated with the school winter fundraisers and auctions are getting ready to just crash into us. I find myself not being that great of a mother, wife, daughter, friend and neighbor when I'm this stretched. I yell more. I whine a whole heck of a lot more. I have little to no patience. And I drink more. Much more. Something has GOT to give. I feel even more lame typing this as I know that there are many more Moms with so much more on their plates, and even more Moms who while they gaze at a packed calendar, aren't lucky enough to look at 7 days approaching soon being spent on an island drinking boat drinks and reading trashy romance novels. At least I'll have a reprieve.

In the middle of this craziness are my babies who make me laugh, my husband who will do 8 million loads of wash for me, and my friends who will commiserate with me over many bottles of wine. Something has got to give. Soon.

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leah said...

This is such an ironic post- my mothers of preschooler's group just had a talk on this very issue. I feel the same way- overscheduled and freaking out from the lack of time (and I don't even work part time)! Three preschools, ice skating lessons, NO nappers (ugh), and endless amounts of laundry/runny noses/whining take a toll.

Last Monday, I DIDN'T go on Matt's preschool field trip. I let the other Mommies handle it (Nolan was in another of his scream-all-day modes). Best. Decision. Ever. Matt had a great time, I got to de-stress a little, and Nolan got some one-on-one time.

But I still feel guilty for not going on his field trip. Sigh...