Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Most Wonderful Time of the Year-Christmas Day

Breakfast before presents!

I should start this post pointing out that our kids RARELY sleep in. Regardless if they've been up until 10pm or put down to bed at 7pm, they are up religiously every morning between 6:30-7:00am. This works well for Christian during the school year, as he leaves with his Dad to go to school around 7:45am. Lily, never wanting to miss ANYTHING, always is up to see her big brother off to school. So, when almost 8am rolled around on Christmas morning, Chuck and I thought that we had our own sort of Christmas miracle going on. Thank you Santa, for that extra hour of sleep was really a WONDERFUL PRESENT!

Christian woke up first, ran out and exclaimed "Santa was here". Then he decided he would "wait for my baby sister to get up" before presents were opened. I had a cup of coffee, sliced some pumpkin bread, turned on the Christmas tunes, and around 9am we started opening presents. Christian was completely in the moment, however Lilybean was a bit overwhelmed. Once she got into her groove, you couldn't stop our present-opening machine. She was very excited for her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Playset, and Christian decided it would be a good idea to get into his new Spiderman costume to test it out. My heart was so full of love watching my babies laugh and beam with excitement.

We hosted Christian's Gram, Papa and Aunt Jess for a fun Christmas Brunch (complete with my Farmer's CasseroleOvernight French Toast, Hot Toddies, and Mimosas. Christmas naps were taken (even by ME!) and then we headed out to Chuck's family Christmas party that evening. We were home by 8ish, kids were tucked in, and Chuck and had a moment to cuddle, drink eggnog, and eventually fall asleep in front of our new TV (thank you Mom and Dad M.!) watching The Blues Brothers.

It was a WONDERFUL Christmas.

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