Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year and New Hopes (and some old ones too)

It's absolutely mind-boggling to think that tomorrow is 2011. I still think of myself at times forever stuck in 1995 as a 16 year old girl, listening to Pearl Jam in my Doc Martens with my best friend (who STILL is my best friend) in her room as we attempt to make mix tapes and analyze Khalil Gibran. How did I suddenly become a 32 year old Mom of two, who still listens to Pearl Jam in my ballet flats analyzing the various coffee table options in the new Pottery Barn catalog?

2010 was a fine year. My children were relatively healthy. My marriage blossomed with the help of some short getaways and our first LONG vacation since our honeymoon. My home, constantly being tweaked and renovated, is starting to look more like "me". My friendships grew---some stronger, some weaker, but they are all in a place that I am comfortable with. 2010 gave me much to celebrate, and little to be discouraged with. I wonder what 2011 will hold?

For one thing, I hope 2011 will bring our family continued health. Lily Grace is my constant sicky, with a boogery nose and a constant cough. Her big brother, with the iron immune system, brings home the bugs that she just can't handle. However, with all the boogers, I have to remember they are JUST boogers. Life could be worse, and in 2011, I hope all we have to deal with are JUST boogers. Christian continues to thrive with his Cochlear Implant. His hearing loss has remained stable, and recent audiograms and testing have shown his extremely high performance---reading almost 15db across the board in all frequencies. He is my super dude, amazing me everyday with his beautiful speech, remarkable conversational skills, and beautifully inquisitive mind. I truly hope that 2011 will bring us even more miracles with his CI. 

2011 will bring me a 2 year old and 4 year old, which officially designates that I no longer have a baby in the house, which means that I will be potty-training and binkie breaking. My sweet Lily is growing everyday, looking less like a toddler and more like a preschooler. Her brother, honestly has the look of a school aged boy. He's my Pre-K guy. He likes Star Wars over Max and Ruby. He prefers Spiderman over Thomas the Train. He has a LIGHTSABRE. He's old. In 2011, I'll be frantically grasping at the last days of my kids as "little ones". I hope that I can preserve every sweet little moment with them. 

In addition to designating 2011 as the year of the bathrooms in our house (3 full baths need some MUCH needed attention, and it will start this year!), I am also designating 2011 as the Year of Tina and Chuck. It's amazing what a little vacation to do for a marriage. I'm going to work on focusing more on "us" and less on "me". After 5 years of marriage, I think I figured out that we're a team. Finally.

Happy New Year to All. Here's to health, happiness, and an insane amount of love to surround you and your family.

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Ben's Mom said...

Happy New Year, Tina! I'm so glad to hear your family is doing so well. Christian is amazing. I'd love to catch up some time!