Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Love Letter

I spent much of this morning trying to focus on my work, while Christian played with our sweet sitter Arina. It was a bit chaotic, as our new cleaning lady was here as well. Despite the craziness, it helped having alot going on in the house while I waited. And waited.

Then, at 12:30pm, I got an email from our audiologist. The email started explaining how they wanted to do one more audiogram on Christian, because the last one that we had at Hopkins showed worse responses than what we got from our private audiologists. She then explained a bit more about what they wanted us to do about high frequency access for him.

Then it said "And you can expect an early summer surgery date".

Whoa. Did that just happen?

After calling my husband, frantically trying to reach my Mom, emailing another Mommy of a CI kiddo, emailing my EI team, and talking out the email over Gmail chat with one of my best girlfriends, I decided I needed to write our Hopkins audiologist back. I asked her to clarify a couple of things. I asked her to confirm that they did indeed, see Christian as a candidate in his right ear. (By the way, this all happened in like 10 minutes).

She wrote me back.

THEY DO SEE HIM AS A CANDIDATE. We'll probably have a surgery date after this next audiogram.

So, after a little bit of crying, a little bit shock, and a little bit more anxiety, I sat down and let it all sink in.

During all of this, being the multitasker that I am, I was opening mail. I received a letter from the Archdiocese, and when I opened it, one single ticket to the Holy Father's mass fell out. It was a complete surprise. While I have been eagerly anticipating Pope Benedict XVI's visit here to DC, I wasn't able to secure tickets to the Mass.

A chill immediately fell over me, and tears ran down my face. I knew that there was a reason that I received the news about Christian at the same time that I received the letter with the Papal Mass ticket. I truly believe that this was God's way of telling me "I've been listening to you. I hear your prayers. I will take care of you and your family. And I will give you an answer". This was a very treasured, very beautiful, love letter from God.


MB said...

Early summer is awesome! Congrats!

Mom to Toes said...

That gave me chills.

jenn said...

praise the lord!! :)

Multi-talented and Menially Employed, J.D. said...

My wise religion teach once told me that God always answers our prayers. Sometimes He answers "sure thing" and other times He answers "not right now," but there's always a reason for His answers. Today you received "sure thing" answers to many prayers and all I can say is, "Thank you God!!"

The Pink Totebag said...

How cool is that?! What a great love letter.

leahlefler said...

Wow- that is really amazing! You really need to include a "kleenex warning" with some of your posts! I am so excited for you and your little guy. What a great day!

Drew's Mom said...

God always has a plan, we just can't see it sometimes when we're going through the day-to-day motions. What an amazing sign He sent you.

So happy to hear that the CI candiacy is behind you. Christian is going to do so well with his CI - he's gotten wonderful benefit from his aids. He is just going to take off with his CI!

Kristen said...

Congratulations! The journey is just beginning and Christian has a great jump with it! God really does do amazing work!!!

Karen said...

Amazing isn't it-- when we ask and receive signs to give us comfort with hard decisions! :)