Wednesday, March 2, 2011

McFly? Hello? Are You Listening?

I know. It's horrible that I even just wrote that as my title of this blog, but in all honesty, that is what I want to say to Christian at least 3 times a day. Of course, that's in between playing the "Is it his age or hearing loss" game that I so hate. I am so frustrated.

All of the sudden it seems like Christian went from hanging on every single word I had to say to not caring at all. It was almost like switch was flipped on his 4th birthday that made him totally ignore me. I just sent an email to his teachers and in school audiologist to check his equipment. They probably are going to think I'm this crazy Mommy who can't come to grips with the fact that this is the start of 14 more years of him ignoring me in my house. It's just odd behavior for Christian, who usually makes eye contact and nods, and reaffirms what I have said.

I've also noticed some little changes in his personality. He's grown much bigger emotions, and now, more than ever, his sense of humor is exploding. I think he is going to be quite the clown, which makes me happy. I love how he is silly. I love how he giggles.

Fingers crossed that the foggy listening over the past couple of weeks is just a phase...or a dirty microphone cover!


Anonymous said...

It could be a good thing. As a person with profoundly hearing loss myself who use sounds from HAs and lipreading (my hearing aids itself does not reach all the sounds in the speech banana so I use lipreading to fill in the blanks), I am constantly keeping alert and pay to single details in conversations. Because I know if I don’t, I would miss out. Sounds like he may not have that fear of missing out which I noticed is common in hearing people . yeah, I noticed they tune out alot. I can't tune out at all. For me, if it appears I tune out, its because I really pick up (i would hear sounds but it is garbled so I need lipreading so if I am not looking, sounds around is background noises unless that noise is very distinguishable)

Jennifer said...

It's his age. I promise you. Totally normal and we have ALL been here with our own four year olds! We are there with Caroline right now - everything just became so much more intense, emotional, and at the same time she just doesn't seem to care what we think (most of the time). I saw the switch get turned on/off right around last August 17, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that eventually, it will get flicked again. In the meantime, know that you are not alone, friend!!!